SEPP Solution

  SEPP (Solar Electricity Power Plant) is the latest focusing point in renewable energy industry today. Although as a tech nology it does exist for more than 20 years, the maturity of the technology and economic operation cost hampered it to become widespread in the past years.

   Recently, as the result of the relatively high oil price, impro vement of the technology and government regulation enh ancements on greenhouse gases (GHG) emission to cope with related global warming issues, there is a new investm ent trend on SEPP in worldwide.  The European scientist s are even suggesting the EU (European Union) to coope rate with Africa countries to build extra-large-scale SEPP in Sahara Desert to fulfill all the energy requirements of the whole Europe.  

 We are an internationally renowned "turn-key” or EPC ( Engineering, Procurement & Construction) SPP (Solar P ower Plant) contractor. We can offer practical solution s that have been tried and tested for our customer in follow fields:

  •   ● Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Power Plant
  •   ● Solar Thermal CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) Plant
  •   ● Solar Thermal Gas Hybrid Power Plant
  •   ● SEPP (Solar Electricity Power Plant) BOT (Build Operate Transfer)

The Best SEPP solution for the Northern Nigeria
    Our SEPP Turn-key Solution is for large scale solar power plant including site evaluation, designing, engineering, sourcing, financing, installation, commissioning, connection, operation and maintenance. We are consistently on the lookout for the latest technologies for SEPP. We provide our customers with value-added solutions that address their specific needs and maximize their returns. With our unique experience in large scale SEPP design and buildup, our strong financing planning capabilities, and worldwide teamwork&supply chains, we are able to provide very reliable and cost-effective turnkey solutions to our customers.

Our Services:

  •   ● Site Feasibility Evaluation: including site survey, solar radiation analysis and annual electricity generation capacity estimation 
  •   ● Feasibility Study of the SEPP
  •   ● Project Financing planning and facilitation for the SEPP
  •   ● SEPP design
  •   ● SEPP components manufacturing &sourcing
  •   ● SEPP Civil Engineering, installation, on-site supervision
  •   ● SEPP connection to the grid
  •   ● SEPP commissioning & acceptance facilitation
  •   ● SEPP operation, maintenance & monitoring